Coordination arrangement and acquiring support:

1. Approaching our Head Office

Contact us using the feedback from below.
Describe the subject of your application, the objectives you want us to work on and the desirable timeframe.
Please check that you give your contact details for further communication (e-mail, phone number, Skype).

2. We are studying your enquiry and getting ready to answer it

Having analyzed your application and finding out all necessary details, RuRiver specialists devise the action plan to reach your objectives, specifying the timeline and the expected costs. You will get a response in writing within 5 (five) days after approaching us.

3. Concluding a contract:

Upon agreeing on all substantial conditions, we conclude a contract with detailed technical specifications and a schedule chart based on your objectives and desires.
The contract is drafted in Russian and in English.

RuRiver – your reliable partner in Russia!


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