Nowadays investment and trade-and-economic relations between Russia and foreign companies have reached the highest level. If you are opening or doing business in Russia, RuRiver is there to help you.

In many aspects, it is an optimal partner for foreign investors and in general for the foreign business community operating in Russia. It is an attractive country for trading, developing production, construction and innovations.

The attractiveness of the Russian Federation is that is has the leading positions in the fuel-and-energy sector, unified electric power and oil-and-gas systems, extensive resource-based commodities and formidable scientific-and-technological capabilities. Russia creates all necessary conditions for favourable investment climate and is ready to offer a lot to foreign investors: from the large-scale consumer market to cheap and highly qualified labour force.

Therefore, Russia endeavours to strengthen trade-and-economic relations and develop international investment cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

We are here to make sure that that your projects in the Russian Federation are implemented successfully, to search for prospective partners and evaluate their reliability as well as provide legal support on establishing and optimizing business in Russia.